It is highly effective in preventing viruses that can come directly to the face.Liquid particles coming into the nose, mouth, and eyes prevent the particles and microbes and provide a high level of protection.Glass transparent OPP does not hold mist from your breath and provides a clear viewing angle.The glass is removable and replaceable.The header can be used and adjusted in 3 different positions. You can use the 3K Face Shield by turning it up / down without taking it out of your head. It is suitable for all ages and heads with its adjustable tire.Our 3K Face Shield takes the shape of a head and provides comfortable use. You can use it for a long time by changing or disinfecting the windows. It is light, it does not tire your neck or head while using the product.

-collapsible system and gradual

-production certified

-does not hold steam

-can be printed on

-adjustable width

Package Included:  1 frame, 1 face protector

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