Cloth masks, also known as surgical masks, in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, food production locations and other hygienic areas, may cause breathing, coughs, sneezes, etc., and saliva, germs, viruses and other unwanted substances that may pass into the food or work environment. They offer a very practical alternative in the prevention of foreign materials.

Rubberized Face Mask, Disposable, Soft and Adjustable. It is Quality and Robust.

Soft and Adjustable, No irritation, Comfortable to wear.

Does Not Contain Fiberglass and Latex

Filtered, Trifold, disposable, rubberized, 3 folds

Polypropylene / Non-Woven

It does not irritate your body with its elastic structure.

Comfort in use.

It does not contain latex.

The RC surgical mask, which is breathable and provides easy breathing, is made of non woven fabric.

This mask with gipe rubber is disposable and hygienic and CE.

It is fully compatible with the face.

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