This product made of Tyvek is one of the lightest, most comfortable, most economical and preferred wristbands. You can safely use this product, which is resistant to tearing, rupture and water, without removing it from your arm for days.


Tyvek Adult Height Measures: 25 cm x 2 cm

Tyvek Child Height Dimensions: 20 cm x 2cm


The printing area is 15 cm. The average delivery time is 5 working days.

* It does not tear, break and is not affected by water. It can stay on the arm for days without damage.

* It is thin and light thanks to its paper-like structure.

* This product, which is designed for single use for safety purposes, tears only when it is tried to be removed from the arm thanks to its special blade marks and does not allow for a second use.

* It is anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and anti-static.

* Environmentally friendly. It dissolves easily in nature.

* All colors including photographs can be printed on it. Colors are not affected by water and other environmental conditions.

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